About Abana

Wadeline Jean Baptiste, présidente fondatrice d'ABANA.

Wadeline Jean Baptiste, ABANA’s founder and owner

ABANA jewelry is made for successful, brilliant women who want to get noticed. Discretion is not our strength. Class, confidence and determination arethe qualities our jewels seek in their owners. Our mission is to work hard to find you jewelry and accessories that will properly represent you. In addition, ABANA Jewelry is a company that promotes mutual support between women and poses several actions in this direction in order to be an example. Among the action we will accomplish:

ABANA give 10% of their sales to Oxfam Quebec’s economic empowerment campaign for women. By purchasing our jewelry, you also contribute to the advancement of a good cause and support women entrepreneurs located in emerging countries. These women are fighters, seeking to improve their economic and family circumstances. They know that entrepreneurship will make a difference. Abana is happy to help these women succeed in their entrepreneurial project.

ABANA jewelery will ensure that 30-40% of jewelry’s are coming from independent designers and small businesses, in order to promote their work and provide them with some visibility. We have a news section on our web site where our clients can read columns written by inspiring bloggers on topics that interest us….women.