Cathiana is a young designer from Montreal. From a young age, her creativity overflowed. She knew that one day she would have her own jewelry line. When she was 24, her dream finally came true, and she launched her first craft collection, My precious.

Each piece in the My precious collection is made with love and patience.  Each creation makes you feel special and unique. Made with recycled materials, this collection will charm you and take you into her world of creation.



Founded in 2006 by the Chilean artist Tamara Rubilar, Estrella presents an Eco friendly jewellery line with exclusive creations designed from vintage pieces and recovered textiles. Jewels from the ’50 to the ’80 that are selected with care in antique shops find a second life through contemporary creations in a chic style.

One of a kind pieces made in Montreal that tells a story continuing from one women to another! Being part of the Ecolux trend, the philosophy of Estrella is to recycle and upcycle jewelry and textiles that would otherwise be forgotten or discarded. To create innovative fashion products adopting ecological values and processes is our main mission.



Isabelle Lehoux and Celine St-Pierre became an associate to create “Les Productions Phone et Graphe” in decembre 1997. Isabelle is a singer and she win the price of the interprete of the year at “Le Festival international de la chanson de Granby”. Celine is a poet and proprietor to literary café at St-Boniface, Quebec.

In summer 1999, the both associates go in studio at Montreal to produce the first CD “IL” of the singer Isabelle Lehoux. Many concerts begin. The audience like her voice her songs and also they buy the necklaces that she wear. Celine propose to do a collection to sale themselves in store. The success was instantaneous.  In summer 2002, Isabelle and Celine sale our fancy jewels at the corner of Crescent and Ste-Catherine street. At the automn, they found their workshop “Isabelle Lehoux Montreal”.